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David Stevenson: the dirty truth behind Woodford's downfall

24 Comments David Stevenson: the dirty truth behind Woodford's downfall

Regulators have encouraged the growth of mega funds like Woodford's, which have moved into less liquid areas of the market to boost returns as traditional income strategies have faltered.

David Kempton: six 'forever' stocks for worrying times

Our experienced private investor highlights six stocks he is happy to hold in his portfolio for the long term.

David Stevenson: beware the risk of UK stock market bias

Our columnist argues many investors are taking a bigger risk than they realise by holding too much of their portfolio in domestic assets.

David Stevenson: bank shares could be a surprise safe haven in a sell-off

I know it sounds daft, but reforms to banks since the financial crisis have left the sector looking much more defensive.

David Stevenson: why I'm now (a little) cheerier about markets

Our columnist revisits his stock market predictions made at the start of the year and argues the future is now looking a little brighter.

David Stevenson: factor these ETFs into your investment thinking

There are plenty of catches involved in tapping into 'factors' with ETFs but investors shouldn't dismiss the idea.

David Stevenson: why can't funds charge like Netflix?

Our columnist finds hope in his battle for fund charging reform from the move to a subscription model by some platforms.

David Stevenson: the Permanent Portfolio beats gold but I'm not sold

It's billed as an ultra-lazy portfolio for the super cautious, but results from this simple allocation fail to impress.

David Stevenson: want yield and diversification? Try these bonds

Yields on 'safe' bonds are low, and more risk brings more correlation with shares. But one segment of the debt market could buck that trend.

David Stevenson: are energy stocks the new tobacco?

Investors are starting to shun fossil fuel in the same way they avoided tobacco. Could this pave the way for a similar dividend-fuelled value revival?

David Stevenson: dividends may soon be a problem for stock markets

I've written hundreds of pages on the importance of dividends, but they could soon become a problem, rather than a solution, for volatile stock markets.

Richard Stone: why we have to put Brexit back to the people

Brexit-supporting Share Centre chief executive returns to his case for a second referendum which, while unpalatable, he says is difficult to reject in democratic terms as nearly three years have passed since original vote.

The Secret CEO: Woodford's swap deal is the final straw

Citywire Wealth Manager's anonymous columnist sells their stake in Woodford Equity Income, angry at fund manager's controversial assets swap.

David Stevenson: my lazy(ish) portfolio for thrill seekers

'Lazy' portfolios, featuring low-cost funds that are easy to rebalance, are a popular choice, but my twist on the idea adds a little more excitement.

Woodford needs Hargreaves Lansdown now more than ever

Stockbroker has driven more than a third of the inflows into Woodford’s funds and keeping the Bristol behemoth onside is crucial

David Stevenson: 'real assets' are the real deal

Asset-backed investments offer a defensive return for the mainstream, and are worth paying fund managers for, says our columnist.